Mildura Veterinary Hospital is pleased to provide a broad range of surgery performed by our qualified Veterinary Surgeons who are supported by our team of caring and experienced Veterinary Nurses . Types of surgery range from elective desexing of your pet animal through to emergency surgery should it be needed. We also perform orthopaedic surgery, and dental surgery. Other items such as removal of lumps and other repairs to eyelids are part of our general surgery. You can be assured that we will treat your pet with the upmost degree of care whilst they are with us.

Surgery Services

Before Surgery Care

At MVH we understand and value the bond between you and your pet and are committed to providing the best in veterinary medicine. For this reason our hospital adheres to standards of care policy, so your pet receives optimal treatment. Surgery at MVH includes the following key standards of care.
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After Surgery Care

Just like humans, recovery after surgery can be an uncomfortable experience for our pets. Therefore it is up to you and your family at home, to aid them in their recovery by making sure they are warm and comfy, and by observing the following tips.
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Deciding on whether to have your pet desexed or not is a question that every pet parent asks. At MVH we do recommend that all pets be desexed. Not only are there are a number of health benefits but having your pet desexed also decreases the number of unwanted puppies and kittens that find themselves homeless or in shelters across Australia.
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Soft Tissue

At some stage thought their life you will have to leave your trusted friend in the hands of someone else to have an operation. Most pets have their first (and hopefully only) surgery when they are quite young – their desexing operation.
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Orthopaedic surgery is the surgical correction of any form of bone defect. Most orthopaedic surgery involves some amount of soft tissue surgery as most bones are covered by degrees of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, skin or ligaments.
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